Zoey Orthotic Shoes

1. Great Foot Support 

Without proper foot support, your feet can develop painful ailments including flat foot and plantar fasciitis. These can severely impair your mobility and cause undue discomfort - and will likely only get worse the longer these problems remain unresolved. 

Orthopedic shoes are all about support, and it extends far beyond just the arch. By offering improved support through the entire shoe - from better cushioning under your heel to stronger arch support across your foot - orthopedic shoes can actually help to realign your foot. This can help prevent feet from becoming further misaligned, helping to prevent further pain and discomfort the longer you wear them. 

2. Better Blood Flow 

Diabetic walkers who’ve dealt with diabetic neuropathy - or nerve damage as a result of diabetic blood flow issues - know that the biggest danger isn’t necessarily the pain you feel, but what you don’t feel. That numbness can hide slowly-developing foot issues, which may develop to serious complications the longer they are left untreated. 

By allowing the foot room to move around and function in the right amount of comfortable space, orthopedic shoes help correct blood flow issues and improve circulation throughout feet. Orthopedic footwear can be a huge relief for those suffering from nerve pain, and those suffering from diabetic neuropathy may simply have no other option than the support offered by comfortable, stylish orthopedic shoes. 

3. Reduced Foot Pain 

How many steps do you do in a day? For most people, the number is right around 10,000 - and for those feeling severe foot pain as a result of poor-fitting shoes or existing foot pain, each one of those steps can be a painful ordeal. The solution: properly-fitting orthopedic shoes. 
Orthopedic shoes provide all of the style and personality of modern footwear with expanded room for your toes to move around comfortably, and typically come in lengths and sizes not always offered by standard shoe brands. They are shaped to prevent irritation by keeping your feet from rubbing against the sidewalls, while heels are designed to keep your feet from being pushed too far forward and causing additional discomfort. 

Best of all, the longer you wear orthopedic shoes, the more you prevent further damage from occurring to your foot health - helping prevent further pain from developing with each step you take. 

4. Correct Existing Foot Problems 

Most major foot problems are the result of misaligned feet or overstressed arches. Flat feet and damaged arches can cause severe pain for walkers of all ages, shapes, and sizes, and the longer a walker goes without treatment, the more intense the discomfort will become - and the more likely you will have to spend serious money on expensive and painful foot surgery to correct the issue. Orthopedic shoes, however, don’t just prevent further damage to your feet - they can actually correct existing foot problems the longer you wear them, re-aligning feet and preserving arches for greater comfort each time you put them on. Think about wearing orthopedic shoes like preventative maintenance for your feet - the better you treat them today, the less repair work they will need when the problem becomes a major issue down the road. 

5. Improved Mobility 

One of the key issues facing those suffering from major foot pain isn’t just the pain itself, or the discomfort as a result of poor circulation - it’s the lack of mobility and the limitations it puts on your ability to explore, adventure, and enjoy life to the fullest. Flat feet, plantar fasciitis, bunions, heel spurs, and hammertoe can all play a major role in reducing mobility, and can make getting out and about a big source of pain for walkers everywhere. 

For many foot pain sufferers, the key to restoring that mobility may just be orthopedic shoes. By providing that cushioned, roomy fit to prevent and repair damage with each step, orthopedic shoes can represent mobility and freedom unmatched by standard shoe options. 

Orthopedic Shoes: Where Superior Comfort Meets Truly Modern Style 

Regardless of how you may be suffering, how long you may have experienced foot pain, or which orthopedic footwear you end up choosing, one thing is undeniable: orthopedic shoes offer a better, comfier, and more supportive option. Plus, many modern orthopedic options are seriously stylish - meaning you no longer have to choose between comfort and style to find the right footwear for your feet. 
From formal to casual; from shoe inserts to post-op options; and with laceless options designed for easy on and off, our Oasis Orthopedic Footwear options make finding your perfect pair of shoes easier than ever. 

Walkers can choose from a variety of modern styles designed for everything from days in the office to afternoons in the sun, and our options are perfect for those in recovery or those looking to prevent further damage across every stage of the foot care process. 

Whether you’ve suffered from foot pain in the past or you’re simply looking to prevent foot pain in the future, orthopedic footwear may just be the perfect option to meet your needs. Take a look at your options and find the right pair for you - and get ready to get moving to the next great adventure


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