The best footwear is designed to provide comfort, protection, and style. Let's examine the correlation between health and footwear, because finding the proper footwear can address more than just foot problems.

Shoes for Women

High heel shoes are stylish, no doubt. But the damage they can cause is very painful and dangerous. To avoid this type of injury, women should limit the time their feet are in high heels.

When a woman is shopping for a good walking shoe, they should consider a shoe that has laces and a heel of height of an inch or less. Include various heel heights in your wardrobe.

Shoes for Men

The best shoe styles for men have supportive leather uppers with reinforced heel counters and rigid or semi-rigid shanks. A replaceable footbed or insole is a plus. Look for breathable linings. Make sure the shoe's fit can be tightened and loosened easily to allow for the natural swelling and shrinking of your feet over the course of a long day.

Final Word on Health and Footwear

1. Everyone should own a minimum of 3 to 5 pairs of shoes.
2. Try not to wear the same shoe two consecutive days.
3. Never wear shoes that are hand-me-downs.
4. Shoes should be comfortable right away; there should be no break in period.
5. Check the fit of new shoes at the end of the day, when your feet are a bit swollen.