Life is full of choices and we have to make tough decisions every day. Many people feel a need to choose between style and comfort. Luckily, when it comes to shoes, we don't have to make that choice! This is a good thing because wearing an uncomfortable shoe is more harmful to your overall health than you may think.

Our feet are important. Having injured feet can be debilitating and uncomfortable shoes are one of the main causes of foot injury. High heels, for instance, are notorious for being too tight around the toe and causing ingrown toenails. Ingrown toenails are extremely painful and can lead to infection which could have you feeling sick all over. Calluses and corns are another problem associated with ill-fitting shoes. The arches of our feet help align our entire bodies, so a shoe without arch support can cause painful ankle and knee injuries; a foot that is out of alignment causes knees to be out of alignment. Over time, this could lead to permanent damage to the knee cartilage and even cause osteoarthritis. Additionally, arches that aren't fully supported cause the knees to droop inward. Your back and hips have to work twice as hard to correct this and before you know it you're in bed with back pain that halts your entire day.

Comfortable shoes should have a well-designed support system focused on keeping your arches naturally and comfortably lifted throughout the day. Look for insole seams; a pair of comfortable shoes should have a minimum amount of them to avoid foot irritation. Toe boxes, the area where your toes fit, should have enough room for your toes to lay naturally and not press together. Contrary to what you may think, you can find comfortable shoes in a range of styles! Men can enjoy dress shoes, boots, athletic looks, and casual styles. women can slip into sporty styles, cute flats, strappy sandals, and classic Mary Janes! There's no need to sacrifice comfort for style.

When you know what to look for, finding the right shoe is simple, fun, and rewarding. A great pair of shoes are a lasting investment you can feel great about, so ditch your uncomfortable kicks and find the pair of shoes your tired tootsies have been waiting for. Your hard working feet deserve the best!


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