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Of all the parts of our bodies, it’s our feet that we most often take for granted. This shouldn’t be so since because our feet play an important role in our lives and overall health. They connect us to the ground and take us where we want to go. They deserve to be taken care of and the first step on that path is a pair of comfortable shoes.

Our feet contain more than 50 bones, 25% of the total number of bones in our bodies. Feet contain at least 60 joints held together by over 200 muscles, ligaments, and tendons. So, the condition of our feet can reflect our overall well-being. Pain felt by the feet can signal an underlying health issue. We should heed their warnings.


How Comfortable Shoes Affect Health
  • They can prevent foot problems like corns, bunions, and hammer toes
  • They can prevent pain.
  • They can prevent the damage done to the other parts of the body that work in conjunction with your feet like the knees, ankles, and hips.
  • They allows us to stand and walk in comfort, for longer period. We’re more productive n comfortable shoes.

The variety of shoes available today is almost limitless. It’s most important to choose comfortable supportive footwear and there is no need to sacrifice style when doing so. Count on Oasis Footwear.
Features That Give Oasis an Edge Over Other Shoes
New Technology
The women’s line, which includes the slipper collection, has midsole/outsole units made of a new type of polymer, specially formulated with superior cushioning properties and improved traction and durability.
Better Upper Materials
Oasis Shoes are made with the finest upper materials. These include full grain leather, pigskin linings, anti-microbial Trek-Dry vamp linings,injection-molded counters, reinforced toe boxes, and composite shanks.
Midsole Construction
Most of our men’s shoes include our 6-element foot platform system consisting of the Strobel construction, extra forefoot cushioning, full-length shock absorbing midsole, Foot Cradle Technology, nylon composite shank, and abrasion-resistant outsole.
Some people are unaware of the importance of comfortable shoes to their foot health and, indeed, their overall health. The marketplace has been flooded with all manner of product to address foot pain and discomfort;a good pair of properly fitted comfort shoes could solve many of the same problems. Stylish shoes can also be healthy when they fit right.


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