We all love a new pair of shoes; the feeling of rejuvenation in the most basic of daily tasks -- walking. If you get the right shoe, that is. Here to help you get the sense that your feet have a new pep in their step, we've put together a list of things to look for when buying your new pair of shoes.

May you find an Oasis for your feet...

Proper Fit

Ideally, we can all purchase custom-made shoes that fit our feet. This is not always the case, and we do the best we can. Finding a properly fitting shoe can be tough. But there are a few companies that produce shoes that properly fit. This includes Oasis Footwear. Oasis Footwear's shoes are designed for the proper fit, including correct width and arch support. The correct width and arch support are components of my next topic, Back and Joint Support.

Back and Joint Support

The shoes we wear are our first line of defense from the shock created by impact with the ground. Over a lifetime, this shock wears on our joints, especially our shins, knees, and lower back. Studies have been done showing how the wear and tear we create every day can be debilitating to our joints. Oasis shoes provide the back and joint support needed to protect and save joints. Oasis was designed with input from healthcare professionals and footwear experts, ensuring the best-quality shoe money can buy.


Most importantly, shoes need to be comfortable. This requires harmony between all of the elements that make up a great shoe, which include proper fit, back, and joint support, comfortable material, and style. Oasis Footwear offers the best selection of therapeutic shoes in the business at prices that can't be beaten. Oasis offers styles for both men and women in casual, sport, and bedroom styles. Their shoes are designed with wellness in mind, relieving pain and other effects resulting from diabetes, arthritis, and other foot ailments. For Diabetics, most Oasis styles are covered by Medicare. Consult your physician.

Remember, a new pair of shoes can provide comfort and joint support unmatched by your current pair. OasisShoes.com has the size and styles you need. Browse their selection for your next pair of shoes.


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