Shoes have been conventionally thought of as protection for the feet. Leading experts have discovered through vast research that shoes play a far more important role than simply covering our feet or making us look good. They can affect our overall health by affecting our posture.

Take care of your feet to prevent back pain

The natural curve of our feet supports the gentle curve of our spine so that we have a healthy posture. Shoes that do not take into consideration back support can not only be uncomfortable to wear but can, over time, cause changes in posture that can lead to long-term damage and chronic pain. 

Don't suffer because of style

People that have spinal injuries or are naturally predisposed to having bad posture, can improve their condition with the right selection of footwear that is designed with their back health in mind. Yet many people who already suffer from bad back posture will choose not to wear shoes that are specifically created for orthopedic or other health needs like diabetes, for a host of reasons which include their boxy or bulky shapes and limited style or color availability. They would rather suffer from bad posture and discomfort than wear the shoes that have been traditionally available in the market to support their specific health and back care. 

Get comfort, health, and fashionable orthopedic shoes

With Oasis Shoes, they no longer have to make the unfortunate choice between fashion and overall comfort and health. Oasis Footwear creates shoes by consulting experts in the medical field along with top comfort and fashion designers. This results in a line of shoes that accommodate health needs and fashion tastes.

Extra Depth for Orthotics

Some of the particular considerations include extra depth provided by removable spacers for orthotic accommodation. In addition, Oasis shoes have minimal internal seams in order to reduce chaffing. Oasis understands you get out of your shoes what is put into them and, therefore, the highest quality of materials and skilled construction are used to address back posture and the host of other health conditions. The result is shoes that are not only good for posture but stylish, comfortable and durable.


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