Too many people unknowingly wear ill-fitting footwear every day, and many more wear shoes that lack basic support. Problems that arise from wearing improper footwear range from foot pain and back issues to diabetic foot ulcers and even severe neuropathy. Foot problems such as bunions, corns and edema also frequently arise for individuals who regularly wear ill-fitting footwear.

Finding a proper shoe fit has as much to do with the construction of the shoe as it does with the shoe size and width. Someone who wears a standard size 7 shoe with a D width may not always be comfortable in a shoe labeled as this size. Too many internal seams can rub or irritate the foot. Soles that lack flexibility and cushioning for the foot fail to properly support the entire body. Comfortable shoes, such as those available from Oasis Footwear, support the foot as well as the entire body, minimizing foot pain as well as risks of foot ulcers, hammer toes, bunions and more.

Of course, the shoes make the outfit, so how does one make sure to wear comfortable, properly fitting shoes and still step out in style? The obvious answer is to find a fashionable pair of comfortable shoes, but that's often easier said than dnoe. Fortunately, shoe sellers like Oasis Shoes now provide a broad spectrum of stylish footwear made specifically for comfort and utility.

For women, Mary Janes remain at the leading edge of fashion. In addition to this comfortable classic, women might also wish to purchase a fashionable pair of well-made mules to enhance their dress casual wardrobe options. For sporty looks, a well-made pair of athletic shoes serves perfectly. Other occasions, particularly in warmer seasons or climates, call for a great pair of sandals. In fact, a pair of sandals that properly supports and cushions the feet is better to wear on a walk than an ill-fitting pair of sneakers.

Feet are created to bear the weight of the body. They support us as we walk and run through all of our everyday activities. Footwear that maximizes the ability of the feet to support and transport our physiques is crucial to overall health. With the variety of comfortable shoe options available on the market today, there simply isn’t an excuse for wearing ill-fitting shoes that can destroy your health.


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