The right shoes can make or break a body. Having shoes that fit incorrectly can damage your feet, legs, and back. People that walk a lot on concrete or cement need to make sure that their shoes are comfortable. Shoes need to fit properly for your size. They need to be wide enough not push against your toes. If shoes are too large they can rub against the heels. If you have a job where you are on your feet a lot you need to make sure that your shoes are comfortable, have proper cushion, and fit properly. Walking on hard floors, people can end up with backaches and sore feet. People that walk a lot, such as servers, need to make sure that their shoes are comfortable and easy on their feet. Some women make the mistake of wearing high heel shoes all of the time. This is bad on the heels, the arch, and the back. Women ruin their feet and legs when they wear these high heels day in and day out. High heel shoes are fashionable and look sexy but are not appropriate for long days of standing or walking. Some people are more inclined to wear things such as flip-flops day in and day out. These have no support and are bad on the feet. Flip-flops are great to go to the beach or a few hours walking, but are bad when people try wearing them all of the time. Flip-flops are rough on the heels but seem to be fun and one of types of shoes that people wear during the weekend. After a long day at work, people are excited to take off the high heels, the tight shoes, and be comfortable. Slide into the comfortable shoes such as tennis shoes, bedroom shoes, or flip-flops and relax. Make sure to put on the comfortable shoes to wear day in and day out. Working in comfortable shoes is so much better than working in tight, harsh shoes. Comfortable shoes can be sexy, sassy, and good looking. They do not have to be ugly to be comfortable.


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